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Your Library Account

Library Card Application

A library card application is available at the library. Bring one piece of ID that has your name and address, or a piece of ID plus a bill or statement with your name and current address.

Loan periods effective January 2, 2014

ItemLoan PeriodRenewalsQuantity Limit
Books3 weeks3No limit
High-Demand Books2 weeksNoneNo limit
Books on CD3 weeks3No limit
Books on Tape/Kits3 weeks3No limit
(current issues excepted
1 week3No limit
CDs3 weeks3No limit
DVDs1 week310 per card
Express DVDs2 days02 per card
Inter Library Loan
(other than PCIN libraries)
3 weeksAt lending
library's discretion
No limit

Reciprocal borrowing agreements

West Perth Library patrons can now obtain cards at Huron County Library, Waterloo Regional Library, Wellington County Library and the Oxford County Library by presenting identification with their address at these locations.  Likewise, patrons of these libraries are welcome to get a card from West Perth Library by presenting identification with their address.

Access your account - on the catalogue  Bibliocommmons

  1. Logging in - The first time you login to BiblioCommons, you need to enter your library card number (with no spaces) and your PIN, typically the last 4 digits of your phone number.  Click Login.  Your name and birth date will be displayed.  
  2. Click register.  The username that you select will be associated with any content you add to the catalogue.  Once you have created a username you may use it instead of your library card number to login to BiblioCommons.  Usernames must be letters, numbers and/or underscores.  Entering an e-mail address is optional.  
  3. If you choose to select the Recently Returned feature, the system will keep a list of the titles you borrow from that point onwards for your personal use.  Only three months of materials will be stored on the list.  
  4. Review the Terms of Use and check the box to accept the terms. 
    Click register

Renewing online or by telephone

  1. Login to the catalogue Bibliocommons
  2. Under My WPPL >My Borrowing choose Checked Out
  3. You may either renew one item at a time by clicking renew beside the circular arrow OR click the red  "Manage Multiple" button and click the box for each item you wish to renew, then click on the red "Renew Selected" button.
It is also possible to renew by telephone during library hours.

Get e-mail reminders about items coming due

Contact the library to have your account set-up for courtesy e-mails of items coming due.   

Placing a hold

It is possible to place a hold on an item that is currently checked out or belongs to another library in the PCIN network.
  1. When the item is located, click on Place a Hold
  2. From the drop down menu select the pick-up location.
  3. Click on the Confirm button.
  4. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to login.
  5. Wait for the black confirmation box to appear.
  6. You will be contacted when the item arrives.

Pausing a hold

If you are going to be away, but don't want to lose your place in line on the holds you have, you can pause the hold.
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Under My WPPL, click on holds.
  3. Click the box in front of each item you wish to pause.
  4. Click the red 'Pause' button at top.
  5. Click on the calender above the red button to choose the end date.
  6. Click the red 'Yes, pause holds' button.