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What Do I Read Next?

You have just finished a really great book.  What do you read next?  Who writes in a similar way?  Check out these websites to get some ideas.

Other Library Links & Book Sites

From the website: We aggregate book reviews by critics to help you discover the very best of what's coming out each week. In short, we are like for books.

49th shelf
From the website: The 49th Shelf is a one-of-a-kind community for discovering, discussing, and indulging in Canadian books. Fuelled by the largest collection of Canadian books ever assembled, The 49th Shelf makes it easier to find your next great Canadian read.

What's Next? Database of Kent District Library
Have you started reading a series and wondered what the next book is?  This site will help.

Fantastic Fiction
Another great source  to determine the order of books within a series and also lists the stand-alone titles. book reviews
This site contains reviews of books by genre and author.

Canadian Children's Book Centre
Who are Canadian authors of children's books?  This site has a great list and links to author's websites.

Bestsellers Lists

Globe and Mail Bestsellers Lists

New York Times Bestsellers Lists

Maclean's Bestsellers Lists

New Titles at The West Perth Public Library

You can easily find in our catalogue the new books that have arrived in either the past 7 or 30 days.  DVD's, music and audiobooks (on CD or digitally) are listed for the previous 30 days.

Take a look at the New Titles page on the Catalogue