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All the questions you have....

  1. What is a Book Club Kit?
    A book club kit consists of 10 copies of a book packaged in a cloth tote.
  2. Who can borrow Book Club Kits?
    Book club kits can be borrowed by any local book club. The Book Club Kit will be checked out on the West Perth Public Library card of the person picking up the bag. That person assumes responsibility for the bag and all its contents.
    The kits are not available for Interloan at this time.
  3. What titles are available as a Book Club Kit?
    The list is growing all the time!  See the complete Bibliocommons list of Book Club Kits that are held in our system. 
  4. How can I reserve Book Club Kits in advance?
    Book clubs must sign into KitKeeper, the book club reservation software, using a current PCIN library card (North Perth, Perth East, St Marys, Stratford or West Perth). Using the KitKeeper scheduling software, clubs can check on kit availability and book up to a year in advance.
  5. Where can I pick up a Book Club Kit?
    Book club kits can be picked up at the circulation desk.
  6. How long may I keep a Book Club Kit?
    The loan period for a Book Club Kit is 5 weeks. The return date will be set when you book your kit on KitKeeper, and it must be returned by that date regardless of when you pick it up. It is important to return all items in a Book Club Kit together and on time as other book clubs may have reserved them.
  7. Can I renew a Book Club Kit?
    No. Book Club Kits cannot be renewed in order to ensure that the set is available for use by other book clubs.
  8. Where can I return Book Club Kits?
    Book Club Kits must be returned together as one unit, with all books and resources inside, as they were checked out. A Book Club Kit will not be checked in unless all books and resources are inside. Book Club Kits may be returned through the book drop.
  9. What is the late charge for books in a Book Club Kit?
    The late charge is 25 cents per day per complete set.
  10. What is the charge if one of the books is missing?
    Replacement cost will be determined by original price of book in kits owned by West Perth Public Library. Other PCIN libraries may have other policies.

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